Starting OFF


The official OFF logo

Our group started as virtual hangout for online workers on Facebook. When the founder, CJ Maturino started the group she used a generic name to attract freelancers on January 15, 2015.

CJ only intended to provide a fun environment where everyone can speak their minds, have fun and “socialize” with their fellow online worker because one of the cons of this type or work is the loneliness.

Now, we are steadily growing with more than a hundred member requests everyday. Our community is bustling and is now known as the most active group for freelancers on Facebook. We have successfully conducted FREE webinars to help people jump-start their online careers. As of writing, the OFF group has tied up with PhilCare and Payoneer to bring value to the freelancers.

The group’s heads are constantly seeking new ways to empower the members through providing exclusive deals for the group, administering an environment where members learn from each other.

Meet the team

The minds behind OFF.

button-cjCJ Maturino

CJ has worked for BPO companies for a few years before she decided to venture into freelancing. Being an excited first first-time, she wanted to see all the milestones of her kid while earning at the same time. Searching for a way to make both worlds to meet, she found herself working for oDesk (now Upwork).

She’s been a freelancer for five years now and has been absorbed by a US company to work for them full time as their Director of Communication.

CJ saw the need of fellow freelancers to have social lives. So she founded the Online Filipino Freelancer group in 2015, with the intent of giving online freelancers a “tambayan”. The group since then became one of the biggest, most engaged and the fastest growing communities in the Philippines for freelancers. The Online Filipino Freelancers group has since secured exclusive deals to members and is continuing to expand its horizons in giving value to Pinoy freelancers.


button-simonSimon “Paolo” Domingo

An Accountancy major and an avid Taekwondo practitioner. Simon, also known as “Paolo” started his professional career in the Call Center industry, stayed there for more than 4 years before he decided to look for a better opportunity abroad.

While working in the Middle East in a British Architectural firm, he came to know about Upwork (formerly oDesk) and decided to try his chances. After 6 months of testing the waters, he landed his 1st project on a very popular social media website! 2009 was the year, and from then on, the opportunities came gradually, and it enabled him to fortify his online freelancing portfolio. Today, he has successfully established his career online while still enabling him to further stabilize his physical job. Attesting that both the physical and online job can blend in, in a systematic and harmonious way, without compromising one from the other. It is because of his online career that he met another successful online freelancer CJ Maturino, and on 2015, they decided to establish a social community that helps fellow freelancers to interact with one another. Which we now come to know as The Online Filipino Freelancers Group!


button-tetotAlthea Sagayno

A Computer Science undergrad, Althea had high hopes of climbing the corporate ladder and started out as a call center agent. She found out about online freelancing in 2014 from a friend and immediately fell in love. Known as one the most active admin in freelancing groups, she is a Top Rated Freelancer with a small Top Rated agency on Upwork.

The funny mind behind the blog TheQuirkyVA she juggles her time between online freelancing, her passion for baking and exploring new things. One of her long term goals is to be a food entrepreneur and start her own VA Outsourcing Empire.


button-kikoFrancis Guintu