Making money as a freelancer is supposed to be easier compared to a regular job. However, some people are finding it hard to earn more than peanuts in the freelance world. If you find yourself guilty of doing any of the things below, stop it. You are missing all clients that can offer you pretty serious bucks because of these mistakes.

Making Money as a Freelancer: 4 Things to Avoid

Why, oh why, does making money as a freelancer seem to be so elusive? Your profile has been sitting there for months, with no hope in sight. Luck seems to be on the right side of some freelancers, you say? For some, yes, maybe. But majority of online Filipino freelancers who have gained success in their respective careers have been avoiding the following:

1. Littering the job title and other profile information with grammatical errors

Because we Filipinos is been trained to speaking and to wrote in English until we’re in Kindergarten, it is expects that we spoke the language better.

Pretty hard to understand, right? Proper and correct use of words helps convey the message clearly, and the inability to do so is a betrayal of our years of education. If you have set your goals on making money as a freelancer, especially if you are a writer, I am sure that no one would hire you for your “content writer services”.

2. Displaying an inappropriate profile picture

Want to make money as a freelancer? No duck faces please! Also, save your wacky poses and your sexy pics for your friends. Put yourself in a client’s shoes. Would someone whose photo is deemed inappropriate be shortlisted? The initial impression matters so keep those unprofessional-looking pictures out of sight. The moment you start freelancing is when you must think of every platform as a resume. Unless you would normally put a racy pic on a normal CV, then be free to don your swimsuit on different internet sites.

3. On Facebook, you are working at Freelance *Eh Di Sa Puso Mo*

Have you ever come across someone who has this up on his or her Facebook profile? Personally, every time we see something like that, we can’t help but cringe. It is not only because it doesn’t make any sense, but also because there is actually an option to leave those items blank. Worse, it is an opportunity wasted to let possible clients view what you can do for them. If you are serious about making money as a freelancer, you must use all avenues to establish yourself as a serious professional.

4. All you do is ask for the pro’s help

How many times have you seen someone who has not landed his or her first gig yet say “Bago lang po ako sa freelancing pahelp naman po maghanap ng trabaho”? It comes off as very needy and desperate.  There are many platforms available, and all are at your disposal. In fact, even social media channels have become a way for you to reach potential clients. While it is not bad to present legitimate inquiry, exhaust first the tools available to you before asking for help. You have to learn how to be independent if you want to make money as a freelancer. Like what an old Filipino adage tells us, “Kapag may tiyaga, may nilaga”. Even the experts started out as newbies. Through effort and dedication, they succeeded. So why can’t you?

If you have the talent, make sure that it is what your potential clients would notice, not your unprofessional behavior. Anything that we missed or that you don’t agree with? Write them down in the comment section below.

Posted by Liberty A. Baldovino

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