New To Freelancing? Here's our first treat!

Our Facebook Community, Online Filipino Freelancers, was born because we wanted to have an avenue for common minds to talk to each other about our day to day life as a freelancer. We know that we all work in the comfort of our home and most of our team members can only be reached virtually. As the community grows, a lot of Filipinos are becoming curious on how to start working home-based. The number of curious and interested minds grow that we decided to launch a free webinar to guide the aspiring freelancers what to expect in this industry.

If you are like most aspiring freelancers, you have the interest and determination to try working from home, be with your kids or just escape the terrible traffic in Metro Manila. You have heard of freelancing jobs and want to sit down and try this for yourself but you have no idea where to begin and where to look for. Maybe you have felt some of these:

  • I have heard of work from home jobs and these really interest me a lot but I do not know where to begin.

  • I have created an account in different online job platforms and I tried sending applications but no client seems to give me an opportunity.

  • I feel like I do not have the skills to begin. I feel discouraged and overwhelmed. I find it’s too difficult.

  • If only someone can guide me how and where to start.


Therefore we have decided to conduct a FREE webinar entitled Introduction to Freelancing to help the common Filipino have a sneak peek of what freelancing is all about and how is this different from the usual office and corporate jobs.

We intend to address your fears, expectations and what attributes you must have in order to start and full grasp this new world.

Watch this webinar right here:

We give you 100% assurance that this webinar is content rich and you can assess if freelancing is really for you. So many “What” questions will be answered here!

If you have watched the webinar and you feel that this is a challenge you want to take on, we encourage you to join our Facebook Community and start to mingle and observe what other freelancers do. Feel free to also check the other blogs and articles this website has for you!