Online Filipino Freelancers: How Do We Fare in the Global Market?

The Philippines – home to 1,300,000 online Filipino freelancers. This makes us the second most dominant workforce in the World Wide Web. And the number of online Filipino freelancers is steadily increasing. The question is, how do we perform vis-à-vis our foreign counterparts in terms of character, skills, pay, and job opportunities? Why Do Clients […]

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Newbie Freelancer Tips Why Persistent Application Is Not a Sure Way to Land a Job

Newbie Freelancer Tips: Why Persistent Application Is Not a Sure Way to Land a Job

A more convenient lifestyle unbound from the shackles of the usual 8-hour work shift, monster managers, and impossible traffic; the freedom to work whenever and wherever; more time for family and friends, are the typical reasons why a Pinoy newbie freelancer like you would like to try working from home. So you create profiles in […]

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Learning Online Filipino Freelancers

Four Reasons Why Learning and Developing Skills Are Important for Freelancers

The freelancing industry is on the rise in the past few years. This is the result of the growing needs of companies and agencies to accomplish the tasks without hiring a full-time employee. Aside from that, the large majority of individuals who work as a freelancer chose this career path because of various factors such as the […]

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