The Online Filipino Freelancers Community

Online Filipino Freelancers is a Facebook Group that started in 2015. The founders just wanted an avenue for common freelancers to have a hang-out place in social media. Doing home-based jobs sometimes can be lonely since this is work at home and no teammates around.

The community then grew from a few freelancers to now thousands of members. We now became a support group for one another, sharing stories, inspiring another freelancer and helping each other to compete in the global market.

We became so popular that many companies want us to endorse their brands. At the moment, we remain as the biggest, most active and most influential community in the Philippines.

Where We're Headed

To become the umbrella organization for every Filipino freelancers in every part of the world. To become known as the leaders and authority that will lead, guide, nurture fellow Filipinos as they shift their careers from the 9-5 corporate jobs to freelance jobs.

The Reason We Exist

To be able to continue being the backbone of the Filipino freelancing community. To be able to streamline processes and guidelines for all online Filipino freelancers moving forward and to make every Filipinos become globally competitive in the freelancing industry… one freelancer at a time.

The Founders

CJ Maturino-Cajoles

CJ has been a freelancer since 2011. She decided to start working from home when she became a first time mom, realizing that she wants to just stay at home and take care of her first born. She looked for different opportunities and found doing home-based jobs really worth it.

She decided to start an online freelancing community for home-based freelancers like her. She just wants to open an avenue for people who gave up their social lives to share their lives, their experiences with people who can relate to them the most. Two years after, the community grew to 33,000 members now and still growing.

CJ is expecting to give birth to her fourth kid this April.

Simon Peter Domingo

Paolo is an Accountancy Major and an avid Taekwondo practitioner. He started his professional career in the BPO industry and stayed there for more than 4 years before he decided to look for a better opportunity abroad.

While working in the Middle East in a British Architectural firm, he came to know about Upwork (formerly oDesk) and decided to try his chances. After 6 months of testing the waters, he landed his 1st project on a very popular social media website! 2009 was the year, and from then on, the opportunities came gradually, and it enabled him to fortify his online freelancing portfolio.

Today, he has successfully established his career online while still enabling him to further stabilize his physical job. It is because of his online career that he met another successful online freelancer CJ Maturino, and on 2015, they decided to establish a social community that helps fellow freelancers to interact with one another. Which we now come to know as The Online Filipino Freelancers Group!  

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